Download ezaudit

Download the new version - E-Z Audit 19
Released 03 December 2018
Install to your PC - no server installation required

You can run this full installer to upgrade Version 15 release 15.99.7000 or higher to Version 19.  Releases older than that require that you uninstall Version 15 then run the Version 19 installer.

IMPORTANT -  If your organization has not authorized use of any version other than Version 15 of E-Z Audit, Contact Us with your registration number for download instructions for the full Version 15 installer.

Supported systems and requirements

FAQ for installing and evaluating ezaudit +

How do I start evaluating E-Z Audit?

Install it to your PC or any PC on your network. It doesn't audit from what you install unlike many other competing audit tools.

How do I deploy E-Z Audit?

You can be ready to audit in under 10 minutes. There's no "deployment" in the usual understanding of that term.  Here's how

Do I need to install or push anything to our PCs?

No.  Simple as that.

Do I need to install anything on my server?

No, nothing runs at your server and nothing needs to be installed on your server. 

Do I need to start the audits from my PC?

Audits don't run from a console on your PC, so you can install E-Z Audit on your PC or more than one PC to view audit data, create reports, search for software installed, and more.

Do I need to open or reserve any ports?

No.  How's that for easy?

Do I need to make changes to our firewall?

To run audits, no.  To run the Admin Console, no.  To allow us to check for updates, only if you use a white-list to control access to the internet, and then it's just a matter of allowing  No usage telemetry is sent and we don't get any audit data whatsoever.

Does the audit require admin credentials to run audits?

No.  Any competing program that requires admin credentials being stored and passed has just created a nice security problem for you.  We don't.

Does the audit require Remote Registry or SNMP to be enabled?

No.  SNMP has had a checkered security history and enabling Remote Registry is a security hole.  One more reason we're better than competing products.

Will there be a lot of traffic on my LAN?

No.  Audits run at the user's PC  (with a very light impact) and no hit to your server.  Unlike discovery tools, there's no flood of traffic doing a ping-pong game of requests and replies from server to clients and back.

How much time to set up network based audits?

How do I uninstall? Does it take long?