Inexpensive PC audit tool for software and hardware audit.

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50 PC License $49.95 USD | 100 PC License $99.95 USD

I don't think you can beat ezaudit for the price and features.
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License Features

Our licenses include full, in-house tech support.

All updates and upgrades free for the term of the license.

No additional expenses such as per-server, per-location or per-Admin costs.

One price. Period.


Discounts and offers for Academic and Institutional

50% discount for US Public Schools, Community Colleges, and Public Libraries.
25% discount for US local government users (State and Local level)

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Enterprise licensing (over 1000 PCs)

Years of experience with the often complex needs of government and military purchasing processes.
Personal attention at each step of the purchasing process and roll-out of ezaudit.
Experienced in working via contractors and resellers.

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Short-term project licenses for when you just need a one-time audit.

The prefect license for IT service providers for bringing new customers onboard or are tasked with a need to inventory your customer.
If you need to confirm your software licensing (e.g. BSA audit, etc.), this is a unique license coupled with a tool that you can use and remove easily .

(200 PC License or higher)

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All prices and promotions are subject to change without notice.  Effective 26 February 2019.
All licenses allow auditing multiple locations within your company to the maximum number of PCs of your license size and unlimited Admin installations within your company.

 Audit up to 50 PCs

USD $49.95 - Annual license, includes all updates and upgrades
 Audit up to 100 PCs

USD $99.95 - Annual license, includes all updates and upgrades
 Audit up to 200 PCs

USD $249.95 - Annual license, includes all updates and upgrades
 For any of the following...

  • Larger license
  • IT service provider multi-customer license
  • Educational, Institutional, non-profits pricing
  • License renewals
  • US Government purchases
  • US tax-exempt purchases
  • Purchase by company check or wire transfer
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