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Are you ready to handle the IT challenges of your staff working from home?

How do you inventory their laptops or PCs for Windows updates, antivirus or what's been installed onto them?
With E-Z Audit Remote.

User comment November 2020:
“I love it. I couldn’t audit my remote workforce without it.”  Doug Rager – Arcos Inc

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Updated 22 November 2020

E-Z Audit is ready for the IT challenge of auditing work from home laptops and PCs.

E-Z Audit Remote will audit any PC, anywhere with nothing that you need to set up at all  at your end and with nothing your home workers need to install or configure.

You can even use E-Z Audit Remote if you use a competing PC inventory tool for your on premises PC audits.

We get no audit data and the audits are encrypted so they can't be tampered with.


Here is how E-Z Audit Remote can allow you to know if your WFH PCs are up to date, suitable and secure

Get a full PC inventory of software, including portable apps that are not installed or found in the registry
Comprehensive hardware inventory
Get Antivirus type and status
Windows update information
Critical and important Event Log events (are they having some big issues they don't even know about?)
All user accounts with Admin permissions
Bonus Feature: You can also have your users answer questions of your choosing for things that can't be audited – any questions you want.

E-Z Audit is a trusted and secure PC inventory tool that's been used worldwide since 2001 by over 17,000 customers. We are trusted and used by U.S. military users and power companies with many sites that are air-gapped. Only E-Z Audit offers 100% data privacy: we get no audit data and there's no cloud anything. You don't need an account to run E-Z Audit or use it in any way.

E-Z Audit is PC Audit Software Made Easy, and our Remote Audit tool is the jewel in the crown on that commitment we made in 2001.

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