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The EZ Audit® "Remote Audit" User Experience In Pictures

① Your users get an introduction:

Introduction to EZ Audit® Remote Audit

② You can ask your users to answer questions. Here's what they'll see:

EZ Audit® Remote Audit - Users can be asked to answer questions as part of your audit.

③ They see progress while it runs...

EZ Audit® Remote Audit - Your users can view progress using EZ Audit Remote.

④ Done!

EZ Audit® Remote Audit -  Blazing fast results.

Here's what they need to do to get it to you.
This could instruct them, for instance, to copy the audit to a shared cloud drive folder, e.g. Dropbox. The data is encrypted as a single file, so it's safe and easy.

EZ Audit® Remote Audit -  Done and ready to send you the encrypted data..
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