Audit work from home and remote staff PCs with E-Z Audit Remote

Audit work-from-home PCs without VPN, and with nothing for your users to install

E-Z Audit Remote

“I love it. I couldn’t audit my remote workforce without it.”  Doug Rager – Arcos Inc

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UPDATED 25 August 2021

Use E-Z Audit Remote to inventory PC software and hardware assets on your remote workforce and branches with nothing for them with E-Z Audit Remote.

You don't even have to host or run anything at your end.  We take care of it all, and it can be set up in minutes.

No data is saved to the cloud and only you get the data.

E-Z Audit is a trusted and secure PC inventory tool that's been used worldwide since 2001 by over 18,000 customers. E-Z Audit is trusted  by U.S. military users and power companies with many sites that are air-gapped or otherwise high security. 100% data privacy: we get no audit data and there's no cloud anything.

Get trouble ticket info from remote worker PCs using E-Z Audit Remote,

Here's an example of E-Z Audit Remote from a home user with problems:

What your users see when starting E-Z Audit Remote Audit

Have your users enter additional information


  With E-Z Audit Remote we were able to audit a customer with nearly 100 PCs without being on-site, with nothing that they even had to set up. It worked flawlessly.

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