If you're looking for PC inventory software, start by finding the optimal cost/benefit/risks of each vendor and what it takes to get it up and running and difficulty level to use.

Are they honest and trustworthy?  Is it "Ghostware"?

Here's what you need to know to choose the best PC audit software tool

1. Cost:
Nothing's free. If it's free your data is their data. You have no control and no idea what happens to it.

Do you want a bunch of ports sending out data that's being sold to...who and why and what for?

E-Z Audit features 100% data privacy.  No data ever comes to us.

And as for price, how does less than USD $0.001 per-pc-per day sound? That's with free upgrades to new versions and no additional costs per-admin installs or per-server or much of that "gotchas" that many PC inventory software tools sneak in.

2. Benefits:
Clearly the top benefit of any PC inventory software tool is knowing what you have in the way of PC and Server hardware: what their technical specs are and what software is running on it.
You'll want to know how many of each software and on who's PCs.
Is their antivirus current? Do they have the latest Windows Updates?
A clear benefit is to get all this in a single place with no queries to perform and no dashboards to configure.
E-Z Audit is all point and click and you get this information and much more automatically.
What are their special features? They sound the same and not so special.
Here are the top reasons to choose E-Z Audit.

3. Risks:
Any PC inventory software tool that requires you to open ports, run stuff as Administrator or pass login names and passwords is poison to your security.
E-Z Audit does not require you to reserve or open ports, nor run as Administrator nor anything that can pose a security risk.
In fact, you can run E-Z Audit in an air-gapped network.

4. Difficulty level:
Some competing PC audit products have User's Guides that are longer than our source code (only slightly a joke).
If it's that hard it isn't a tool, it's a job. You already have a job and E-Z Audit makes your job easier, not harder.

5. Honesty, Trustworthiness, Passion:
There is a highly Google-ranked competing product that has a page where a "review" is provided that compares PC inventory audit tools.  Surprise!  Theirs  is the best!  Editor's Choice!
Except there's no source.  What editor?  Of what review site?  They wrote it themselves.
E-Z Audit has great word-of-mouth and referrals, and a great reputation, and , call us naive, don't game the system to flood the top of Google searches.
We're a small minority and woman owned business that started in NYC in the 90s as a tech consulting company.  E-Z Audit was created on a small dining table in a small Manhattan apartment and we've remained a work-wherever operation every since.  Don't expect a fancy address that's really a Regus mail-drop and phone answering service.  Just a hard working, dedicated and trustworthy group of people that have dedicated ourselves 100% for for almost 20 years.

6. Is it Ghostware, alive but dead?
Put it like this, there are some competing products out there with screen-caps of their PC inventory tools showing it running on Windows XP and either Vista or Windows 7.
If they can't even be bothered to take a new screen cap, how busy are they actually updating the software?
E-Z Audit is always current, safe and private.  And it works.  Every day, around the world, for thousands of users.

The real and original PC Audit Software Made Easy.