The solution to get comprehensive information on remote PCs when you need to support WFH staff and small remote branches.

EZ Audit® Remote Audit

Audit work from home and remote staff PCs with EZ Audit Remote ezaudit scanner

“I love EZ Audit Remote. I couldn’t audit my remote workforce without it."
 Doug Rager – Arcos Inc

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With EZ Audit Remote you can inventory any PC's 11 hardware and software in seconds - anywhere. 
And Remote doesn't mean remoting-in to any PC. The user downloads a portable, light-weight app and runs it with a single click.

If you're an MSP or a tech support agent you won't have to ask the user to look anything up - and neither do you have to spend a long time in a remote session looking for it yourself.

Use EZ Audit Remote to inventory PC software and hardware assets on your remote workforce and branches with nothing for them to install.  Just download and run.

Audits take just a few seconds to complete.

The data is encrypted so it can't be altered and is saved to a small file that you can either transfer to your PC or have the customer email to you or place in a folder on a your cloud service such as One Drive, Dropbox, etc.


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With EZ Audit Remote we were able to audit a customer with nearly 100 PCs without being on-site, with nothing that they even had to set up. [EZ Audit Remote] worked flawlessly.

Socyber Ltd


We were subject to a Microsoft Software Audit.

As a small business, this was going to prove a challenge, as staff were located all over the UK.

After a lot of research we selected EZ Audit, which allowed us to audit remote staff laptops using their  Remote Audit tool  and provide Microsoft with all the information they needed and it satisfied their audit in full.

We could have paid an organization to come in and perform this task for us, at great expense.

We are still using the software as an on-going audit tool to monitor staff PCS and ensure they remain compliant.

The software is easy to use and manage, with a very user friendly user interface.

 Jon Gibson, Managing Director
EZ Audit satifies Microsoft audit requirements


EZ Audit is a trusted PC inventory tool that's been used since 2001 by over 20,000 customers worldwide: SMB to Enterprise, Government and Military users, and Academic institutions.

Our software is used by U.S. Military users and power companies with in sites that are air-gapped or otherwise high security.

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