ezauditĀ® is more than just PC inventory software.
It's an invaluable tool to enhance your tech team's toolbox.

We can make your whole tech team happier. Learn how.

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Top Reasons why ezaudit® will make your Network Admins and Tech Support Team happy:

From install to ready-to-rock in 10-minutes or less.

Install at as many workstations as you need.  Anyone you want to give access to, no problem, no additional cost .


Your Support staff has all the information they need without additional licenses to access audit data. ezaudit features unlimited Admin installs.


Have a look at our network inventory features.


Support agents can trigger an audit on-demand if they want "right this minute" information. And they get it in seconds.

Nothing to install at any client or server you want to audit. ezaudit deploys in 10 minutes or less with nothing to install to your server.

Run PC audits on any schedule you choose as well as on demand. And it does this with nothing installed to any client on your network.

Audit any PC or server via USB stick – ezaudit is a portable PC audit tool for business use

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