ezaudit® For Document Inventory
How to Inventory Documents,
Images, or any non-Program Files on users PCs
via Network Audit and portable audit tool

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How do I find who has prohibited file type on their PCs? 
How can I discover anyone downloading videos or music files to their company issued laptops 1 ?
How can I inventory documents, images, and other non-program files on any PC on my network - silently and automatically?


Use ezaudit via network or USB portable audit tool to inventory documents, images, any non-program files of interest to you and get a complete audit of your PC software and hardware assets into the bargain.

Just one of the many unique features of ezaudit - the leading PC software and hardware inventory tool since 2001.

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Inventory any file types you want using ezaudit - screenshot:

With ezaudit you get more than just a software and hardware inventory built in: Get details on any non-program files of interest to you

With ezaudit you can inventory all software on any PC or server – including portable apps and any system files - and also find PowerShell, VBScript, batch files and more.

The only PC inventory tool that will also audit document files like Office documents (e.g. XLSX, DOCX), PDFs, images, videos... whatever is of interest to you.

You can deploy ezaudit in 10 minutes or less with nothing to install or run at your server.

Run PC audits on any schedule you choose as well as on demand. And it does this with nothing installed to any client on your network.

Audit any PC or server via USB stick – ezaudit is a portable PC audit tool for business use

Learn more about the many unique features offered by ezaudit.

ezaudit can used in air-gapped networks.

A unique ezaudit feature is our Remote PC Inventory Tool to perform PC audits of work-from home users as well as of remote branches.  The tool can be used by MSP's to inventory customer sites without requiring a site visit.

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LEGAL NOTICE: Check with your legal department on any matters regarding privacy as to employees or others using a company issued laptop/PC having a right to privacy for their use outside your premises and control.