User-Defined Fields and audit data you can edit in the EZ Audit Admin console

EZ Audit allows you to set and edit a number of User-defined fields at all stages of the audit process

You can change fields for one PC or all PCs

Custom data you can associate to all audits before auditing

You can store 2 fields of data that will be added to all audit results via the configuration file.

These cannot be changed post-audit and they are not visible at the user's PC even if you run an audit where the user must interact with the scanner to enter answers to questions you want to ask them.

You set these in the Configuration tool when creating a configuration.

Some uses for this might include notes for yourself about that series of audits, like "San Jose branch audit" or "Pre-hardware upgrade initial audit".


Fields that can be entered at audit time by the user being audited or your tech support staff

There are four fields that can be entered manually at the PC being audited. 

You can ask your users to enter information into these fields when you configure your scan, including the option to require answers before they continue, or you can use these yourself if doing a hands-on scan to enter anything you want.

In a configured audit for your users you can also set whether you want them to answer the questions each time an audit is run, or to retain the answers for future audits.

For more details read about configuring audits

Fields you can add information to post-audit

You can add four Admin Notes at the Admin console to each audit.  These are your notes related to the specific PC that remain even when the PC is audited again. 

Example: to note when that PC was put in service, an in-house service tag, etc.

You can add Generic Notes that apply to all PCs in the folder you have opened that remain with these audits even when the PCs have been audited again.

Example: The location name for those audits, the reason for those audits, etc.

Additionally, you can edit the User name, Make/Model/Serial Number for any PC.  These are also retained for that particular machine across new audits.


Store static data on a PC before deploying or at any time

You can store four fields that are PC specific at deployment or at any time.

They can contain whatever information is relevant to your needs.

The information is stored in the registry and below is an example .reg file that you can create to enter the data for your PCs:

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00
;You can enter any information into each line
;This is just an example ;---------------------------------------------

;Use the below un-remarked for 32-bit Windows ;[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\EZAudit]
;Use the below un-remarked for 64-bit Windows

"Note1"="Deployed 05-25-2023 by J. Garcia for Accounting Dept"
"Note2"="Asset Tag: SJC-ACC-47W11,Image file accounting-01-win-11-Ent"

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