Find software on your PCs by program name or file name using ezaudit®

Find any programs on your PCs including non-installed portable apps

  • Want to know who has important.exe and the exact version? 

  • Or you really need to know who doesn't have important.exe because all employees should have it.

Click the Search tab in the Admin Console then select the type of search.

Find programs by file like foo.exe or program name like "FooWriter"

You can even search when you don't know the file name:

For example, you can search for "Word" to find "winword.exe" if you don't know the file name. 

All in one place.

And it's not just what Windows "thinks" is there based on Registry entries, but any EXE or file, like SYS, DLL, or whatever you asked ezaudit to inventory. 

Even if they're just copied to the hard drive (portable apps for example) and not actually installed.

This search is possible when you do Full Audits where ezaudit collects complete information on all .EXE files on your PC or server. 

Search by "Installed Programs"

This is like the Control Panel's "Programs and Features" in that it show what's installed.  But it goes much further than that.

Find who has, or is missing Microsoft Updates by KB number. Search by partial matches, and more.

You only need to do a Basic Audit if this is all you need to know about your PC software inventory.  And those take under 10 seconds to complete.

Microsoft Office Summary

Don't rely on what Office suites are installed (as other programs do). 

Often there are mixed installations, like Access from Office 2010 and the rest from Office 2013.  Windows will show both suites installed, which isn't technically correct.

This shows you how many of Word, Excel, etc. you have and what actual version (e.g. 2007, 2013, etc.)

This search requires that you run Full Audits