Audit any PC on your network any time with ezaudit On-Demand Audits

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Our unique ezaudit On-Demand tool means just that.  When you get a support call, audit the user's PC right now. 

No SNMP, Remote Registry, deployed agents or resreved ports required with E-Z Audit.

Unlike a "discovery audit tool" nothing runs at your server to do this nor does it require SNMP, remote registry, admin credentials, reserved ports or any of that complicated, unsafe nonsense.

The ezaudit On-Demand tool is very useful for tech support staff when they need to get "right-now status" on a PC they're trying to support.  It is also invaluable if you set your automated audits to run once a month, but have some PC or Server that you need to get info on right now.

What's more, you can keep different configurations and choose what you want.  Learn more: