Use EZ Audit® to compare PCs for software variances


What's different between PC 'a' and PC 'b'

With EZ Audit you can compare a deployed PC to a Baseline PC to see what software has been added or removed.

You can compare two supposedly identical users PCs to see why they're not behaving the same way, e.g. missing an update.

Compare the two and find what different:  what's on 'a' that's not on 'b'.  Find if 'a' and 'b' are there but different versions.

That's what the Compare tool does for you in a click. 

Open the Compare tool from the Tools tab in the Admin Console.


TIP:  When you deploy a new machine, you can take an audit "out of the box" and keep a copy in another folder, like "fresh" or "new".

Your techs can do a hands on audit before delivery via a USB stick to get the pre-deployment state of that PC. 
Of course if you're using a standardized image, then audit the image on one PC and you're all set.  Save the audit somewhere you can get at and point the compare tool to that audit as your "Baseline" for comparison purposes.

TIP:  For the most comprehensive comparisons, perform Full audits when auditing your PCs.  Full audits will have all EXE files available to compare, as well as any other program file types you add, e.g. SYS, DLL, etc.  The only caveat if you add DLLs and the like is that these change frequently due to Windows Updates and other program updates.

Here are some comparisons you can make between PCs :

Against other PCs from the same audit group (audit folder) - for example Mary's PC compared against Bill's PC in the same office/server

Against other PCs from another audit group (audit folder) - for example an accounting department PC from Branch A against an accounting PC from Branch B

Audits you've moved to a backup folder against current audits for that PC in the 'live' audits folder to check for changes in software.

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