EZ AuditĀ® Users Guide & Quick Start Guide

Updated 25/3/2024 (D/M/Y)

Some basics about EZ Audit that are good to know:

EZ Audit does not require that you open or reserve any ports nor make any changes to your firewall. 

There are no databases to install or configure.

There are no "agents" to install or push to any PC being audited.

There's nothing to install or run on your server.

IMPORTANT: You need to have a Domain to do automated audits be it on prem or cloud. PCs need to be joined and have access to shared folders on a server.

Workgroup or Samba/SMB won't work.

EZ Audit start working for all users when they next log in to your domain after you complete three easy steps. Pick your preference :

Either way, install EZ Audit to any PC on your network on an account that has Admin permissions – no need to install onto a server.