Screenshots of the ezaudit Admin Console

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These screenshots highlight some of the many features in the ezaudit Admin Console.

You can view high-level reports, export data to many formats, search for software and much, much more – all point-and-click easy.

You can pick different theme colors in the Admin Console, some of which are shown in the following screenshots.

View summary reports for Operating Systems, RAM, Processor, Low Disk Space, Security Status, and complete Hardware details:



You can search for program files by name, installed software titles, KB updates in one place. Additionally, you can view your Microsoft Office installation in one place:



All exports are point and click. Choose specific items of interest, some or all audits and format: CSV, XLSX, TXT, MDB... You can even export all audits to HTML where you can view your audits from an intranet or at your PC via any browser.





All of your admin tools are easy to find:



A particularly great features allows you to find variances and discrepancies between any 2 PCs. For example, do two PCs have the same software but different versions (updates)? Compare any PC to a baseline PC.
And it's just a click away and takes about 2 seconds.


ezaudit cleans up after itself. You never have to deal with any databases to purge, compact or anything else. However there can be times when you want to delete an audit or many audits.
For example, you renamed a bunch of PCs. Find the duplicates by MAC address or Serial Number.
Also, delete audits for removed PCs by audit age:


This is why we've titled ezaudit "PC Audit Software Made Easy" since 2001.


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