Release History & Support Status for E-Z Audit

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E-Z Audit Version 19
Current and fully supported

Supported and always current with any Version 19 license.

As long as you have an active license you always get what's new and improved, all updates, and full tech support.

Version 15 (2018) - Released October 2017
Unsupported - Upgrade required

This release last updated on 15 September 2019.  No further updates to this release  - final version number for the Admin Console: 15.99.9961.

Version 15 (pre October 2017)
Unsupported - Upgrade required

Do not use this release (any Admin Console version at or below  15.99.7000).

Version 14 or below
Do not use - Obsolete

This version has not been updated since 2012.  No license activation possible for perpetual license users.

Version 12 has not been updated since 2010. No license activation possible for perpetual license users.

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Contact Sales for upgrade options.



Version Support Being updated Installer available Release Date(s)
Current releases are subscription based so you always get updates and upgrades.
Note that E-Z Audit 2018 is a version 15.x release.
Note: Earlier versions were developed for our use when we were a tech consulting company.
4 No No No May 2001
5 No No No July 2002
6 No No No December 2003
7 No No No December 2004
8 No No No January 2006
9 No No No October 2006
10 No No No October 2007
11 No No No November 2008
12 No No No January 2010
14 No No No October 2011
15 No updates or support. No installer available.
You should upgrade to Version 19 if you have a current license.
Depending on your license, the upgrade is free.
October 2012
15 R2 March 2014
15 R3 / 2015 December 2014
15 (2016) October 2015
15 (2018) October 2017
19 Yes Yes Yes

Original release December 2018
Continuously update with new features, etc.