Download EZ Audit®

Try EZ Audit®with confidence: EZ Audit is 100% private:

No Cloud. No Telemetry. No AI. No data leaves your network.

Start auditing in 10 minutes or less from installation. Easy setup and configuration to audit via network based audits using Group Policy, Logon scripts or Scheduled Tasks.

Audit PCs and Servers via network inventory as scheduled audits or at any time On Demand from your PC.

EZ Audit is fully portable – Audit any PC or Server via USB stick. Ideal for air-gapped locations, and LOB PCs not on any network.

Requirements for this install:

Install to Windows 10 or newer – only applicable to installing. We can audit XP and newer and Server 2012r2 and newer.

You do not need to install to a server — it can be and will run, but best-practices all around are avoid running apps on a server, and also what we support is a client installation.

What won't work, so don't download:

IMPORTANT: You need to have a Windows AD Domain to do automated audits be it on prem or cloud. PCs need to be joined and have access to shared folders on a server. Windows Workgroups or Samba/SMB won't work.

This won't run if you're installing it to Windows Home. It's meant to be installed to Windows Professional, Education or Enterprise editions.

This is not for home (personal use) users. If you want to audit your PC at home, go here instead.

 I understand that this is not for home users and not for use on Windows Home