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E-Z Audit guarantees 100% audit details privacy.
Your audit data never leaves your network.
It's yours, and we don't believe in private data being a profit center.


From installation of E-Z Audit to ready-to-audit in 10 minutes or less.

Install E-Z Audit in seconds...ready to audit your PCs and servers in 10 minutes or less.

Inventory Software and Hardware Assets with E-Z Audit on:

 Windows XP through Windows 11, and Windows Server 2012r2 and newer.

Get all programs including portable apps and system files like DLL, SYS etc. with E-Z Audit.

UNIQUE E-Z AUDIT FEATURE: You can also inventory documents and media files included.



Install to Windows 10 or newer. While you can audit XP and newer, the Admin Console will not run on anything earlier than Windows 10 and newer. Server installation is not required.



This is professional use software. The Admin Console will not run on Windows Home and requires a network/domain.

If you're home user and want an audit your own PC: Go here instead for a personal Free PC Audit Tool.

 Download E-Z Audit




How do I start evaluating E-Z Audit?

Install it to your PC – there's nothing you need to install on any server. It won't make any changes to anything – you're in control.

No reboots required post-install anywhere.

How do I deploy E-Z Audit?

There's no "deployment" in the usual understanding of that term.  You can easily be ready-to-audit in 10-minutes or less from installing. Just install to your PC and share a couple of folders on your server. Use the point and click tool to create a configuration to audit and add a line to your logon script or create a scheduled task for all users at your server, your choice. Here's how (Quick Start Guide)

Do I need to install or push anything to our PCs?

No. A welcome difference to many 'console' based inventory tools.  Also, we make no changes to any PC or server being audited.

Do I need to install anything on my server?

No. Pretty great, right? You install to any PC that's on your network - and you can do so on as many PCs as you want.

Do I need to start the audits from my PC?

No. Unlike other PC auditing tools audits are not run from a console. They're triggered from your choice of either your users' logon script or via scheduled tasks.


If you want to launch an audit at any time of any logged in PC, or any server that's on, you can do it from your PC without unique E-Z Audit On-Demand tool - which is included.  A couple of clicks and they run right away.

Do I need any firewall changes or admin rights to run audits?

No, and any product that requires it has some serious security thinking to do.

Does the audit require Remote Registry or SNMP to be enabled?

No and any PC audit tool that requires that is opening some big security holes in your network.

Will there be a lot of traffic on my LAN?

No, in fact basically zero. The only traffic is saving the audit, and that's the same as someone saving a Notepad file to the server.

How do I uninstall and undo this if it's not for us?

It's quick and easy.

At the PC where you installed just do the usual thing to remove any program via Windows Control Panel > Programs and Features and uninstall from there. 

To remove the server-side items, read this.  The process takes just a couple of minutes.

No reboots required either at your PC or any server.