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Download and be ready to use E-Z Audit in 10 minutes or less.


E-Z Audit is 100% private. No cloud, no telemetry, no audit data leaves your premises.

Run in air-gapped networks.

Audit via network on your schedule or at any time on-demand from your PC.


Portable audits via USB stick.

Audit Remote work-from-home staff or remote branches with nothing for them to install.

Get documents, images, music file inventories – Choose the type you want to audit like .PNG, .XLSX,.MP3 etc.

Audit scripts - find PowerShell, VBS - whatever extensions you want.



Install to Windows 10 or newer. While you can audit XP and newer, the Admin Console will not run on anything earlier than Windows 10. Server installation is not required, if you choose to do so anyway, do so to Server 2019 and newer.




Installation to a PC that is not on a Domain or Azure equivalent will not work. If you're home user and want an audit your own PC Go here instead for a personal Free PC Audit Tool.

  Download E-Z Audit