Some things really are easy to use. E-Z Audit is one of them.

Easy PC software and hardware audits via network inventory.

Audit Windows XP through Windows 10 and Windows Server 2008r2 through Windows Server 2019 with E-Z Audit.

Only E-Z Audit guarantees 100% audit data privacy. Period. You can use E-Z Audit in an air-gapped network.

USP: You can audit home-worker PC and remote locations using E-Z Audit Remote Audit.
USP: Only E-Z Audit offers a portable PC audit tool for enterprise use that integrates audit data with your network audits automatically.

USP: E-Z Audit is fastest PC audit tool: Basic audits in ~4 seconds and Full software inventory audit ~30 seconds.

Download a free evaluation of E-Z Audit and be ready to audit your PCs in 10-minutes or less.

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