PC audit tool for inventory of hardware and software inside air gapped netoworks

> E-Z Audit is a PC audit tool for use in air-gapped networks.

In use by:
U.S. Military and military contractors
U.S. Nuclear Power Companies

Inventory your PC and software inside air-gapped networks with E-Z Audit.

E-Z Audit is the best tool for PC inventory asset tracking for the Energy Sector.

E-Z Audit is used today by nuclear energy companies and U.S. military facilities.
Deploy inside or audit via USB stick. No other network inventory tool can offer this than E-Z Audit.

More companies than ever are moving their most critical data inside air-gapped environments. 

Even so, these PCs and servers must still be updated and upgraded, and require the same level of insight by admins as to their status.

Performing regular audits of software and hardware assets is often required for regulatory and compliance reasons, as well as by insurers and lenders.

You need a trusted and reliable PC audit tool that can be run inside your secure network.

E-Z Audit provides you 100% security with no cloud anything, and all audit data always private and remaining on your end.

Used by nearly 18,000 customers worldwide since 2001.

ezaudit has been AFNIC certified for use by the U.S. Air Force.

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