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E-Z Audit - PC Audit Software Made Easy


E-Z Audit has over two decades experience in providing easy, affordable and comprehensive tools to inventory computer software and hardware assets.

With our leading PC audit tool you can inventory your Windows PCs and Windows Servers with nothing to install on any PC or Server being audited.  In fact, you can be ready to audit in 10-minutes or less.

E-Z Audit provides you a comprehensive record of all your software, including portable programs that are not installed.

You can take inventory of non-program files such as images, documents, audio files and more – any file extension of interest to you.

Our audits are 100% private. No telemetry or any information about your audits whatsoever.

You can use E-Z Audit in air-gapped facilities.

The audit module is portable: you can audit via USB stick. Ideal for BYOB devices, kiosks, and stand alone machines not on a network, e.g. medical and lab machines performing specific tasks.

E-Z Audit offers a unique audit tool to inventory remote users - at home, in the field, at remote offices: E-Z Audit Remote

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"E-Z Audit has been a very valuable tool. Thanks to the data captured by E-Z Audit I have been able to document the needs of our district with real numbers that create a very compelling story. Without ezaudit it would have just been my gut feeling and would have been discounted as one person's opinion."

Ted Jongbloed
Director, Technology Services
Waller Independent School District

"We love E-Z Audit and the app that we get with [our help desk product] just doesn't compare. Thanks for having a great product!"

Bill Bartell
Assoc. VP for Information Technology
University of Sioux Falls

"E-Z Audit preformed just as the demo indicated. We have used the program not only for hardware and software inventory and analysis, but also to scan for malicious EXE and DLL files on our workstations.

Nice work E-Z Audit, and thank you!"

Mark Heuer, Computer Support Analyst
Florida State University

Key E-Z Audit features

 ☑ 10-mintues or less to deploy.
 ☑ Nothing to install or run on your server.
 ☑ Nothing to push or install to any client .
 ☑ Unlimited Admin installs - your tech support staff can access all data at no additional cost.
 ☑ Audit all PCs and servers on a schedule as well as any time on demand.
 ☑ Inventory any file type including documents, images, scripts – your choice.
 ☑ Finds portable apps that are not installed.
 ☑ Generate reports to many formats (.xls, .cvs, .htm, and more)  and you can even do so via command line.
 ☑ Audit Windows XP through Windows 11, Server 2008r2 and newer.
 ☑ Audits can take as little as four seconds to run with virtually no impact .
 ☑ Audit silently, or ask users for permission, and even ask them to answer questions of your choosing.