E-Z Audit – Software and Hardware Inventory Tool for PC Audits
Created in NYC in 2001.
Used worldwide to perform millions of PC audits ever since.

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E-Z Audit – Trusted worldwide since 2001 by thousands of users including military, nuclear energy companies, top Academic institutions, SMBs and MSPs

We are a minority and woman owned USA business.


E-Z Audit is an easy to use PC audit tool for performing comprehensive network inventories of software and hardware assets.

Inventory documents, images, any non-program files you want included in your software inventory audits.

You can perform theses inventories via your network on a schedule as well as on-demand.  It can also be used as a portable PC tool to audit from a USB stick.

E-Z Audit can used in air-gapped networks.

A unique E-Z Audit feature is our Remote PC Inventory Tool to perform PC audits of work-from home users as well as of remote branches.  The tool can be used by MSP's to inventory customer sites without requiring a site visit.


E-Z Audit is a minority and woman owned USA small business established in New York City in 2001.  ATConsulting is a Connecticut, USA registered LLC.

From our beginning we were a work-anywhere employer and remain so today.  Work from home is old news to us. 

This has fostered great loyalty internally and provided our customers with the huge benefit of continuity and personal relationships when interacting with us over the years.


Since 2001 E-Z Audit has been used worldwide by nearly 18,000 customers with millions of PC audits performed.

We began in the late 90's as a tech consulting company primarily serving top travel agencies in New York City and Los Angeles.

We grew from there providing services to a major holding company in NYC. When Y2K fears reared it's head, we were tasked with performing audits of all software and hardware.

The existing tools for that task at the time were insanely overpriced (as they mostly remain!), as well as complicated to implement and use. So we created our own.

By early 2001 it was fully developed for use by anyone and we quit consulting and launched E-Z Audit.