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Easy PC audit tool for software and hardware inventory

No Cloud, No Telemetry – your data is always 100% private

Inventory via network, portable PC audit tool, and uniquely of remote work-from-home users

Trusted by thousands of customers worldwide since 2001

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“I love it. I couldn’t audit my remote workforce without it.”

“E-Z Audit makes our lives much easier.”

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E-Z Audit - PC Audit Software Made Easy

E-Z Audit is an easy to use PC audit tool for software and hardware inventory via network, as a portable USB audit tool, and of work from home users PCs

We  are minority and woman owned small business Est. 2001 in NYC

Programa fácil de usar para inventariar el hardware y software de su PC y servidores. Lea mas sobre E-Z Audit

E-Z Audit is the absolute best way to track your software.
A superb piece of software that has proved itself invaluable. Thoroughly recommended!
I don't think you can beat ezaudit for prices and features.

Hot topics on: 12/3/2021

How do I get hardware specs and Windows update and antivirus status on work from home or remote PCs?

How do I audit PCs in an air-gapped network?

How do I get PC software and hardware info on stand-alone line of work machines?

What are the top features of E-Z Audit?

The fastest audits, period.  How does as little as 4-seconds sound? And you can audit on a schedule or at any time on-demand from your PC to any PC or server.

With E-Z Audit your data is private and secure: No cloud, no telemetry, and no audit data ever leaves your premises.  E-Z Audit is used in air-gapped networks by military and in nuclear energy facilities.

Works in a small company with fewer than 50 PC, and is also used at enterprises with thousands of PCs.

We are proud of our 20 years experience thousands of customers from SMB to Enterprise.

E-Z Audit is easy to start using even for small businesses with no dedicated IT support.

No clients to push or install to any PC and nothing to install or run at your server.

Audit Windows XP through Windows 11 and Windows Server 2012 and newer.

All your information is in a clean, and easy to use console.

   View screenshots and feature highlights.    

Searches and reports are point and click and take seconds, with many near instant.

Our audits can find portable apps that are not installed.

You can inventory non-program files such as images, documents, scripts and more - you choose what you want to find.

Unlimited Admin installs.  Give everyone on your team from tech support to the CIO access to data at no additional cost.

No impact on your server because nothing needs to runs at your server.

Remote audits:

In 2015, we were subject to a Microsoft Software Audit.

As a small business, this was going to prove a challenge, as staff were located all over the UK.
After a lot of research, we selected E-Z Audit, which allowed us to audit remote staff laptops using their  Remote Audit tool  and provide Microsoft with all the information they needed and it satisfied their audit in full.

We could have paid an organization to come in and perform this task for us, at great expense.
We are still using the software as an on-going audit tool to monitor staff PCS and ensure they remain compliant.

The software is easy to use and manage, with a very user friendly interface.

 Jon Gibson, Managing Director
statisfied e-z audit customer


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