EZ Audit® is a Privacy First, No Cloud, No Telemetry tool to inventory Windows PC and Servers hardware and software assets.

EZ Audit is clean and easy to use.  No complex consoles, long roll-outs or training required.
From Install to Ready-to-Go in about 10 minutes.

Fast, near-zero impact on your PCs and 0% hit on your Server.

No AI • No Cloud • No Telemetry • GDPR Compliant

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EZ Audit is 100% privacy focused – no data collected about your PCs or software is sent to us or anyone else and there's no cloud anything.

EZ Audit has been used worldwide by over 20,000 customers since 2001. From SMB to Enterprise, Educational, Government, Military and Institutional.

EZ Audit is the only tool for computer inventory you can use in an air-gapped network.

We are a USA minority and woman owned small business established in NYC in 2001.

Audit Work From Home, hybrid and on-the-road staff PCs as well as branch offices with our unique EZ Audit Remote Audit Tool. User by MSP's to Audit customers without a site visit. Read their story.

EZ Audit is easy to roll out and use, which is just one reason we have so many SMB's using EZ Audit.

The EZ Audit audit scanner module is 100% portable. Run from USB stick on LOB machines that aren't networked in one click.

If you have dedicated equipment for your LOB software that run on legacy Windows, EZ Audit is the ONLY solution for your needs. Audit Windows XP and newer and Server 2012r2 and newer.



Top EZ Audit Features:

 ☑ 10-mintues or less to deploy.
 ☑ Nothing to install or run on your server.
 ☑ Nothing to push or install to any client .
 ☑ Audit all PCs and servers on a schedule as well as on demand at any time.
 ☑ Inventory VBS, JS,  PowerShell and other scripts and batch file types.
 ☑  Perform Document Inventories with EZ Audit. Docs, images, music – your choice.
 ☑ Find and inventory portable apps.
 ☑ Multiple export formats – point and click as well as via command line.
 ☑ Audit Windows XP and newer, Server 2012r2 and newer.
 ☑ Audits take as little as four seconds to run with virtually no impact on the client and zero impact at the server .
 ☑ Audit silently, or ask users for permission, and even ask them to answer questions of your choosing.
 ☑  Use EZ Audit in your Help Desk - unlimited Admin installs...