Easy PC software and hardware inventory tool

Audit PCs and servers on your domain as well remote staff PCs anywhere with ezaudit.

Perform network based audits on a schedule or on-demand as well as portable audits via USB stick.

With ezaudit you have 100% data privacy - no audit data is ever sent to us or shared with anyone.

Inventory software and hardware on Windows XP through Windows 10, and Windows Server 2012 or newer.

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E-Z Audit is a fast, easy, and affordable PC software and hardware audit tool. Only E-Z Audit can find all software including portable apps that don't appear as installed.

You can inventory documents with E-Z Audit to enforce company policies.  Find image, music, and video files - any file extensions you choose.

We are used worldwide by every type of customers from SME to Enterprise, Military, Government, Educational, and Institutional customers.

Twenty years of experience: E-Z Audit has been helping customers manage their assets since 2001.

E-Z Audit is a price leader in the computer inventory market.  Licenses allow unlimited Admin installs and users, unlimited locations, free updates and upgrades, and full technical support from in-house staff.

E-Z Audit is software you can trust:  we are AFNIC certified by the U.S. Air Force and used by many high-security users in the energy industry.

E-Z Audit has a long history and strong record in the educational field. We have free and discounted license offers to educational institutions and more.

E-Z Audit is a minority and woman owned company.

And here's what E-Z Audit user have to say:

E-Z Audit is the absolute best way to track your software.

A superb piece of software that has proved itself invaluable. Thoroughly recommended!

I don't think you can beat ezaudit for prices and features!

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