E-Z Audit Remote Audit
Remote IT support tool
Audit your users wherever they are
Audit branch offices and on-the-road staff


Audit any PC anywhere, anytime

With ezaudit Remote you can audit any PC, anywhere with nothing to install and no remoting into their PC.

Users at these locations just go to a URL we provide for you to use and that we host.

Your company name is on that page so they are assured it's not unsafe.  From there it's click and run.

No Java or ActiveX required.  No Admin credentials required.

Here's how E-Z Audit Remote can help you in the words of one of our customers:


In 2015, we were subject to a Microsoft Software Audit.

As a small business, this was going to prove a challenge, as staff were located all over the UK.

After a lot of research, we selected E-Z Audit, which allowed us to audit remote staff laptops using their Remote Audit tool and provide Microsoft with all the information they needed and it satisfied their audit in full.

We could have paid an organisation to come in and perform this task for us, at great expense.

We are still using the software as an on-going audit tool to monitor staff PCS and ensure they remain compliant.

The software is easy to use and manage, with a very user friendly interface.

Jon Gibson Managing Director


Contact us to learn more about E-Z Audit Remote.

You can try it yourself now. 

We offer a Free PC Audit tool that does a Basic Audit and creates a HTML report of the audit. 

It takes seconds with nothing to install.  The free audit tool is a sub-set of the full Remote Audit tool but it's a good demo of how easy it is. 

As always, we get no audit data whatsoever.

Audit My PC