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E-Z Audit Remote Audit

Audit remote home worker PCs Audit remote branches anywhere

ezaudit Remote Audit  is a must-have remote working software addition to your support desk toolkit.

Updated May 18, 2020

It's the coming reality: more and more companies will not be returning workers to their offices whatever happens with the Covid-19 pandemic.

Working from home is going to be something that all IT departments are going to need to deal with.

Don't take it from us – it's been a subject of wide coverage.

As the New York Times reported on May 12, 2020, some of the biggest companies are already talking out loud about it.  It's not a "will this happen" thing, it's a rolling reality. 

There are other articles here, and here as well.

Are you ready for that? Ask yourself: "How do I get an inventory of the software and hardware for a home worker's PC?"

The good news is that only E-Z Audit has a tool that allows you to inventory remote PCs for software and hardware as many more details without your users having to install anything. 

And in addition, E-Z Audit does not share data nor put anything onto the cloud: your data is private, always.

Audit home worker laptops, remote office PCs and BYOD devices

No need to remote into your users PCs

Tech support staff can have all the information they need without walking the user through many tedious steps

100% private – we get no data sent to us nor does it go on any servers in the cloud

We host the download for your users' remote audit software

Get a full PC inventory of software and hardware, antivirus type and status, Windows update status, information about Windows services, Event Logs and much more in about a minute.  One click audit for your users.

ezaudit Remote Audit can be accessed by your users anywhere via a URL we provide you for your company's employees.

Audit PCs from Windows XP SP3 through Windows 10.

Audits are saved to the user's PC to be forwarded to you as an email attachment.  Drop those into a folder and we consolidate the data automatically.  You can keep them any way you want: all in one folder, or by location: just create the folders according to your needs.

And all data is 100% private:  we get no audit data sent to us, nor sent anywhere.

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