Hi, Example Company needs to get some info about your PC

Only Example Company will get this information – ezaudit just provides the service.

The PC audit does not get anything personal about you like your own files that you've got on your PC.

When you run the program by clicking the link on this page, it will check hardware and software on your PC.

The audit will usually take about a minute or so and you can work normally while it runs.

When it completes, a file will be saved to your My Documents folder with a name like:


Attach it to an email to the address requested by Example Company.

Click to start the audit

The app will not download in this example.
Scroll down to view the program your users will see.

What to do depending on your browser:

CHROME – Save it as prompted then click the download button at the bottom of the browser and select Open. The file is not an installer.  It can be deleted when you complete the audit.

FIREFOX – Save it as prompted then from the Firefox download manager double-click ezremote*.exe.  The file is not an installer.  It can be deleted when you complete the audit.

INTERNET EXPLORER/EDGE – Click Run when prompted. The program runs and doesn't get saved.

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This is what your users will see when they run ezaudit Remote:


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