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PC Inventory tool for software and hardware audits - Free evaluation.


Audit PC software, hardware, documents, images, music and more.
Our easy PC audit tool inventories via network, USB, and Remote Audit.
Inventory Windows XP through Windows 10, Server 2008 R2 through Server 2016.

Try E-Z Audit, free

Takes 10 minutes or less from download to ready-to-audit.



Why ezaudit is the best PC audit tool


Nothing to install on your server, and audits don't run from a console.

Unlike "discovery audit tools", no scripting or custom settings required.

No databases to set up, manage or maintain.

No ports to open or reserve and no changes to your firewall.

No SNMP, Remote Registry or Admin credentials needed.

Point and click configuration.

Set it and forget it.

Audit via network, USB stick manually or configured, even audit users anywhere with our unique ezaudit Remote audit tool.

Audit on a schedule, or whenever you want with our unique ezaudit On-Demand audit tool.

No network slowdowns or back and forth traffic.

ezaudit can get file details for any program file, even portable apps copied onto a PC.

Inventory non-program files like documents, music, videos, scripts and more.

Blazing fast audits.

One-click exports and reports.

Export via command-line for automated reporting.

No cloud, no audit data ever leaves your PCs or servers.  Secure and safe.

Is your antivirus software up to date?  ezaudit will let you know.


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