ezaudit On Demand


Audit any PC that's logged in any time you want to with ezaudit On-Demand

First thing to know:  This is not required for our automated, scheduled audits of PCs on your network. 

The ezaudit On-Demand tool adds an additional method to audit PCs, ad-hoc from the Admin Console on your PC.

And unlike a "discovery audit tool" nothing runs at your PC to do this, nor does it require SNMP, or anything else to be enabled.

This is especially handy to tech staff if they want to get right-now status on a PC they're trying to support, or if you set your automated audits to run once a month, but have some PC or PCs (or even server) that you need to get info on right now.

What's more, you can keep different configurations and choose what you want.  For example, if you're auditing a server you would have the audit save to a different path than a PC auditing from server.