Deleting Audits


ezaudit automatically replaces old audits with fresh ones each time you scan, so there's no "housekeeping" you need to perform

There may be times when you want to delete audits manually...

  • You have retired a PC and the audit file  for the retired PC is now "orphaned"

  • You have renamed a PC and the old audit with the old name is "orphaned"

  • You may want to delete multiple audits at one time for whatever reason

The Delete Audits Tool that makes this easy

  • Delete by age.  For example, delete audits that are 30 or more days old.

  • Delete audits with by duplicate MAC address.  This is a great way to find renamed PCs and other "orphans".

  • Delete by PC name.  Select one, some or all PCs to delete.

Access this from Tools in the Admin Console or...

Right-clicking an audit from the Details list of PCs also brings up to tool.

You can also delete individual PCs from the Edit menu when you display an audit file for a particular PC at any time.