Do the math when choosing a PC inventory tool
ezaudit - Just minutes to set up, almost no learning curve
Set it and forget it.  That saves you money over "free" options.
PC Audit Software Made Easy since 2001.

Features and benefits of ezaudit

Top-10 reasons why ezaudit is better than other PC network inventory tools

1. We're not a "discovery" type audit tool.  This is very good because...

2. No network bog downs "discovering assets" or a constant flow of data between clients and a serve-based database.  In fact...

3. Nothing runs on your server. Your infrastructure is not impacted.

4. No Console that runs audits from some dedicated PC or, worse, your desktop.

5. No databases.  Really!  Forget SQL or anything to hassle with.

6. No ports to open or reserve and no changes to your firewall.

7. We can get file details for any program file, and even non-program files like documents, music, videos - automatically based on you tell ezaudit what you want.

8. Blazing fast audits.  Basic Audits with no file inventory take around 10 seconds or less. Full inventories will vary depending on how much data you want, but an audit with all .EXE file details is under 90 seconds for PCs with reasonably current specs.

9. Audit on a schedule, whenever you want "On-Demand", from a USB stick or even any PC anywhere, any time with ezaudit Remote Audit.

10. 16 years experience, used worldwide by a who's who of top companies, government and educational cutomers.

One more take-away to think about:

Fact: Every company loses customers to competitors.  And when the competition is "free", that's an easy choice if they don't factor in ease of use, setup and the long learning curve.  That's expensive when you total the person-hours. 

SCCM is a money-sucking black hole in that regard, so it's not-so-free in the end.


Enjoy the ease of ezaudit

  • One-click exports and reports.

  • Export via command-line for automated reporting.

  • Very low learning curve - a clean, modern, intuitive interface.

  • Point and click configuration.

  • A Quick Start Guide that really is: 5 pages, large fonts, and much of that are pictures.  That easy.

  • Set it and forget it.  Once configured, nothing else you ever need to do.

Unique features you get with ezaudit

  • Audit any PC that's logged in and awake any time with ezaudit On-Demand.

  • Audit users off your LAN or WAN - anywhere, anytime with ezaudit Remote Audit.

  • Post audit reports to your intranet with our HTML export.  Individual PC information and consolidated reports.

  • Point and click configurations that you can swap any time or use as needed.

Other great
ezaudit features

  • Portable audit app - audit from a USB stick.  You can even configure the USB audit if you need to run a lot of hands on audits.

  • Control what you want to audit - all point-and-click.  Want DLL information?  Sure!  How about who has MP3 files?  Can-do!

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