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ezaudit Version 19 - Released December 2018
Current and fully supported

With our annual license, this is a free upgrade from any release of Version 15.

As long as you are a current user, you always have what's new and improved, all updates, and have support.

USAF: Pending AFNIC certification.  Version 15 is still supported, see below.


ezaudit 2018 (Version 15) - Released October 2017
Supported - Free Upgrade available

You should be using this if you have any prior Version 15 release.

This release will continue to receive updates as needed but is no longer being enhanced with additional features.

USAF note: this is a Version 15 release and is AFNIC certified.


Version 15 other than ezaudit 2018
Update to ezaudit 2018 (Version 15) or Free Upgrade to Version 19

These releases are very out of date.  You can update it to the most current, supported release of Version 15 or upgrade to Version 19.

If you are below 15.99.7000, the updater will upgrade you ezaudit 2018 (Version 15).

Note, releases of Version 15 released before October 2015 should be uninstalled and you should re-install with the full download.  Contact us with your registration number to get the full installer.

If you want to upgrade to Version 19, that's a free upgrade.  Uninstall E-Z Audit then install Version 19.  The download is at www.ezaudit.net/download/


Version 14
Do not use. Purchase latest version.

This version has not been updated since 2012.

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Audit results will be useless as they will not recognize Windows 8 or newer and Server 2012 or newer.

This release cannot be reactivated and the installer is no longer available.

Contact Sales for upgrade options.


Version 12 or earlier
Do not use. Purchase the latest version.

Version 12 has not been updated since 2010.

This release cannot be reactivated and the installer is no longer available.

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If you are using this version or older you will have problems or results may will not be accurate even pre-Windows 8/10 as too much has changed that an current version will have updated taking account of.

It is no fault of the software, it's that ezaudit isn't a static thing like Notepad.  It has to adapt and address changes to the Windows ecosystem. 

Stop using it.

Contact Sales for upgrade options.

VersionSupportBeing updatedInstaller availableRelease Date
Current releases are subscription based so you always get updates and upgrades.
Note that the current ezaudit 2018 is still a version 15.x release.
4NoNoNoMay 2001
5NoNoNoJuly 2002
6NoNoNoDecember 2003
7NoNoNoDecember 2004
8NoNoNoJanuary 2006
9NoNoNoOctober 2006
10NoNoNoOctober 2007
11NoNoNoNovember 2008
12NoNoNoJanuary 2010
14NoNoNoOctober 2011
15No updates or support - Update to get current v15 release
or uninstall and get a free upgrade to Version 19 if you have a current license.
October 2012
15 R2March 2014
15 R3 / 2015December 2014
2016October 2015
2017December 2016
15 2018Yes

           Supported for military users, only critical updates

YesOctober 2017
19YesYesYesDecember 2018