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How do I deploy E-Z Audit?

It's easy. Takes less than 10 minutes. Here's how

Do I need to install or push anything to our PCs?


Do I need to install anything on my server?

No - read more about why we also discourage it

Do I need to start the audits from my PC?

No, unlike some console based programs, what you use at your PC is just to access the audit data.

We are not a "discovery" type of audit tool, which is a very good thing if you value not bogging down your network or users being audited.

Do I need to open or reserve any ports?


Do I need to make changes to our firewall?


Does the audit require admin credentials to run audits?


Does the audit require Remote Registry or SNMP to be enabled?

No.  ezaudit doesn't require either.

Will there be a lot of traffic on my LAN?

No.  Audits run at the user's PC  (with a very light impact) and no hit to your server.

How much time to set up LAN based audits?

About 10 minutes.

How do I uninstall? Does it take long?

Well under 10 minutes.


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Updated on 14 January 2018
Our full installer always has the latest updates built in