E-Z Audit is the absolute the best way to track your software

ezaudit is the absolute the best way to track your software

Your product rocks!

ezaudit User comments and survey results

90% of our survey respondents are Very Satisfied/Satisfied with E-Z Audit

84% say ezaudit is useful to their job beyond just providing software and hardware inventory

89% say ezaudit Support is Extremely or Very responsive to their support needs

Fewer than 10% have needed to contact tech support for any issue or question

"The software is easy to use and manage, with a very user friendly interface"

Jon Gibson Managing Director


"E-Z Audit is a great product – lightweight and easy to use"

"It just works...that's what so good about E-Z Audit, it gives you all the info you need at a touch"

 "[E-Z Audit] works much better than those [audit products] that go out and scan the network"

E-Z Audit is a very good tool for PC record keeping and inventory controls. It has always been one of the best software tools used in my environment.

Ken Crawley
Contra Costa County (California) Fire Protection District

E-Z Audit makes software licensing compliance and network hardware management simple.

It provides detailed information which is useful when troubleshooting end-user problems.

Trevor Jones
Ash & Lacy Perforators Ltd

We did a lot of searches for auditing software. Some were very good, but extremely cost prohibitive. Others were about the same in cost but had just a fraction of the features E-Z Audit has.

I don't think you can beat E-Z Audit for the price and features.

Terry Ashland
Village Northwest Unlimited

E-Z Audit gives us a very easy and fast method to audit systems under testing before and after a test is accomplished.  We take system snapshots before we test and after we test.

E-Z Audit is easy to use and quickly allows us to audit multiple machines and actually gives us more information than we really had anticipated we'd get when we originally purchased the product.

Jeffery Owen
Sentel Corporation
Director, Air Force Medical Information Systems

E-Z Audit preformed just as the demo indicated.

We have used the program not only for hardware and software inventory and analysis, but also to scan for malicious EXE and DLL files on our workstations.

Nice work E-Z Audit, and thank you!

Mark Heuer, Computer Support Analyst
Florida State University

E-Z Audit is clean and easy to use.

We've used E-Z Audit here for many years and use it often to check our inventory, software compliancy and sometimes as a reference tool for restoring or replacing PCs that have failed.

James Andrew Haigh
Systems Analyst - Network Infrastructure Services
The TharpeRobbins Company


"PC Audit Software Made Easy" since 2001.

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