E-Z Audit is an easy PC software and hardware inventory tool for network audits.  Audit via portable audit tool.  Audit  remote users and branches with E-Z Audit Remote.

We are a minority and woman owned small business established in New York City in 1995, a Stamford, CT based LLC since 2001. 

Over 16,000 customers on every continent on Earth (and, yes, includes Antarctica), from SMB to global enterprises, top academic institutions, military and government users trust ezaudit  with their PC audit needs.

 ez audit has an outstanding customer satisfaction record:

We did a lot of searches for auditing software. Some were very good, but extremely cost prohibitive. Others were about the same in cost but had just a fraction of the features E-Z Audit has.

I don't think you can beat E-Z Audit for the price and features.

Terry Ashland
Village Northwest Unlimited

ezaudit is AFNIC certified for use by the US Air Force and Air National Guard, who perform rigorous testing to ensure that it is safe for use.

It is used in air-gapped networks in the military as well as nuclear power facilities at some of the leading power companies in in America.

Find ATCONSULTING LLC at www.sam.gov

How does ezaudit compare to freeware?

Free = your data is for sale.  Are you happy with that?  Neither are we.

ezaudit features total privacy:  ezaudit never gets any audit data from you, we sell no data or customer lists to anyone and we use no cloud services.  You don't even need an account for the free evaluation of ezaudit.  Here's our Privacy Policy.

Freeware is expensive.  Here's how...

The cost of learning and training SCCM or vendor-proprietary audit tools is orders of magnitude more expensive. 

With ezaudit you can install, configure and be all set in minutes.  Set it and forget it.

Some of these "free" options have such steep learning curves that the staff-time cost to learn, deploy and manage far outweigh the price of ezaudit. 


Try our free evaluation and see why ezaudit is the leading PC audit software program with unrivaled customer satisfaction.