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Our focus is 100% to provide the best PC audit tool on the market.  And the best customer service. 

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Here's where it started and who we are...

ezaudit is published by ATConsulting LLC, a minority and woman owned small business established in New York City in 1995.

ATConsulting is incorporated in Stamford, CT, USA with a European office in Zurich, Switzerland. 

Over 16,000 companies from SME's to global enterprises, top academic institutions, military and government users trust ezaudit with their PC audit needs.

Created on a small NYC apartment dinner table. (Ok, it's NYC, it sat in the middle of the living room.) 

A disruptive startup before that was a thing.  No VC money, just pocket money and within a year we saw off competing tools and have grown ever since.

So why ATConsulting LLC?  It started as an IT consulting firm and when Y2K happened we hated how garbage PC audit tools were - and how overpriced they were.

So, we created our own for our own use.  And so here we are. 

We stopped consulting but kept the name, so rest assured we don't have any consulting work nor get or use any data from our program.  Your data is yours.

Call us stupid or naive but data is not money if you respect your customers.

ezaudit is AFNIC certified for use by the US Air Force and Air National Guard, who perform rigorous testing to ensure that it is safe for use.


And know with freeware, your data is their income.


is a Registered Trademark of ATConsulting LLC.
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