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Easy for businesses of any size to use.
PC audit software made easy - ezaudit

Worldwide experience since 2001. 

The real and original "PC Audit Software Made Easy".

is published by ATConsulting LLC, a minority and woman owned small business established in New York City in 1995. 

Over 16,000 companies from SMB's to global enterprises, top academic institutions, military and government users trust us with their audit needs.

Despite our company name, we are no longer a consulting firm and have not been since 2001 when we released E-Z Audit.  It was originally developed for our use as an IT consultancy to perform Y2K inventories.  The name remained as it was established and, frankly, we have a soft spot for our beginnings.

ezaudit has been continually updated and enhanced since then and is today the best PC audit tool for ease of deployment and use, unique features, comprehensiveness, reliability, and price.

ezaudit products beyond the full PC Audit Software tool include our unique ezaudit Remote Audit tool, which allows companies to audit home workers, remote users, and branches not on a WAN, VPN or other direct connection.

And we offer a free PC audit tool you can use any time. 

Go to www.pcauditsoftware.com and audit your own PC now.

ATConsulting is incorporated in Stamford, CT, USA with a European office in Zurich, Switzerland.

Security facts about ezaudit

ezaudit is AFNIC certified for use by the US Air Force and Air National Guard, who perform rigorous testing to ensure that it is safe for use.

Find ATCONSULTING LLC at www.sam.gov

ezaudit is safe and secure. No data is sent to us or the cloud. We don't collect any usage telemetry. Unlike freeware, your data is not our income.


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