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ezaudit = Trusted, secure computer inventory program
ezaudit is a minority & woman owned small business.
Used worldwide since 2001
PC Audit software mad easy



ezaudit is an easy and inexpensive PC software and hardware audit tool.

ezaudit can be used via network based inventory, via portable app for audits via USB stick, or to perform remote PC audits of on-the-road staff, home workers or small branches that are not on a WAN.

ezaudit software is used worldwide by over 16,000 customers from SMB to Enterprise, military, government, educational users since 2001.

ezaudit is free to evaluate.

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ezaudit features include:

Software and hardware inventory via network, portable audit module (can be run from USB stick).

Audit Windows XP-Windows 10 PC.

Audit Windows Server 2008 R2 through Window Server 2016.

Total privacy. Can be used in air-gapped networks.

 Easy license terms which include free version upgrades

Top-notch in-house support, always free

 ezaudit  has an outstanding customer satisfaction record.

ezaudit is the absolute the best way to track your software

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ezaudit is is AFNIC certified for use by the US Air Force and Air National Guard, who perform rigorous testing to ensure that it is safe for use.

ezaudit  is used in air-gapped networks in the military as well as nuclear power facilities at some of the leading power companies in in America.

ezaudit = total privacy: neither we nor anyone ever gets any audit data from you. All your data stays on your PCs and servers.

Find ATCONSULTING LLC, the publishers of ezaudit  at www.sam.gov



ezaudit was created in New York City by ATConsulting LLC to perform PC software and hardware audits on our consulting customers' PCs due to Y2K concerns.

ezaudit was released as commercial software in 2001 when we expanded it beyond it's roots as a Y2K tool, and we ceased all consulting business at that time to concentrate on ezaudit full-time.

We are a minority and woman owned small business established in New York City in 1995, a Stamford, CT based company since 2002.


Of course you know that if a product is free, your data is the product and your information is for sale. 

Not to mention audit inventory tools included "free" by vendors means vendor lock-in. Especially as they can take weeks to implement and months to master.

ezaudit does not sell or share any data.  100% audit data privacy.

With ezaudit you can install, configure and be all set in under 10-minutes.  Then set it and forget it.