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PC audit software - easy, fast, software and hardware audit tool. E-Z Audit.

The real PC audit software made easy since 2001

E-Z Audit is used worldwide by over 14,000 companies, government and institutional users auditing millions of PCs and servers

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We're the leading PC audit program for all the right reasons...

Easy, really fast PC inventory via network audit, scheduled or On-Demand, or audit via portable USB stick audit. 

In addition you can audit users that aren't in your network with our unique Remote Audit tool

No data ever comes to us.  Safe, secure audits with no monetizing of your data.  Security conscious users worldwide trust E-Z Audit.

Setup and deployment takes just minutes and doesn't require any ports being reserved or opened, no firewall changes, no need for Remote Registry, and most of all no massive traffic across your network.

Nothing to install to your servers, nothing runs at the server.  Or your PC.

Audit not just what WMI thinks is installed or known software lists, as competitors do, but any program on your PCs.  Even  apps dropped onto a drive.

Audit non-program files like documents, videos, music or whatever you're interested in finding.

Reports are point-and-click.  No SQL or JSON, just fast, easy reports without the overhead with easy control for each audit.

An interface that's easy to use right from the start.  Have a look at some screenshots

What E-Z Audit customers say...

"A superb piece of software that has proved itself invaluable.  Thoroughly recommended."

"Works like a dream!"

"I donít think you can beat E-Z Audit for the price and features."

"Iíve been using E-Z Audit for about 10 years and itís one of my favorite tools.  I recommend it to anybody..."

"E-Z Audit is the absolute best way to track your software..."

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E-Z Audit Features and Benefits


Fast and easy setup

How does up and running in minutes sound?

Just three steps and you are ready to audit

The only thing competing products that use "discovery" can say is that you'll discover what a chore that method is to get started and keep working, and the massive spike in network traffic it'll produce.

Whatever you've got set up on your network now, that's ok with us.  It'll work as-is - no ports to assign or open, no changes to firewalls, no need to enable Remote Registry. 

User comment:

"Works much better than others that go out and scan the network."


Audit however works best for you

Audit daily?  Weekly?  When I feel like it?  When I need it?  With all details or just the basics?  Audit a standalone machine via USB stick?

E-Z Audit can do that.  You decide what works for you.

Need to have a tech walk to a machine and know what's on it?  Hand them a USB stick with our audit module, and they'll have the information in seconds and be able to view it right there and then.

Queries can be annoying and complicated, so we got rid of them

With E-Z Audit you never have to write a report or deal with the hard work.  Click and go reports throughout the program.

"We have used E-Z Audit for a number of years now and it is the easiest user interface that we have found. "

Thanks, you'll agree too! Have a look at some screenshots.

Fast is a good thing

E-Z Audit is really, really fast.  Our "Basic Audit" takes about 3-5 seconds, and a "Full Audit" that grabs every program file detail and then some takes under two minutes on a typical corporate-level PC.

This totally obliterates competing programs.  And the impact on user PCs is very low.  What's more, you can control when it runs - delay it so other updates happen before our audit starts,

Let Windows do your exports

You can have E-Z Audit create and save all sorts of reports while you sleep overnight using the Windows Task Scheduler.  Reports don't take long at all - seconds, in fact. 

You get the option to exported data ready every morning if you prefer working from Excel or Access with the data.  Easy.


We leave your servers alone

Just three files copied to a share, one line in your GP or logon script Ė that's it.  The audit modules run on the client, not the server (and they aren't "pushed out", so no network bottlenecks either).  Nothing to install, no services running, no back-and-forth data traffic, no RAM hogging SQL databases.  Light, fast and easy.

Easy isn't just a marketing term, it really is easy

"We have used E-Z Audit for a number of years now and it is the easiest user interface that we have found. "

"Great product, lightweight, easy to use."

"Your product rocks! It's easy to set up automated audits and the output is easy to read and easy to pull out and manipulate."


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