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Best PC audit program for network inventory & portable audit tool
Deploy in under 10 minutes, lowest learning curve
Audit Windows XP through 10, Server 2008r2 through 2019
100% data privacy

The best PC audit program for software and hardware inventory 2019

ezaudit –  Used worldwide since 2001, over 16,500 customers from SMB to Enterprise

ezaudit is the absolute best way to track your software

A superb piece of software that has proved itself invaluable.
Thoroughly recommended

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ezaudit is the leading PC audit software tool for performing inventories of PC and Server software and hardware assets.

ezaudit is so easy it is used by thousands of small businesses that have no dedicated IT staff, yet robust enough that it is also used by enterprises auditing thousands of PCs.  Satisfied customers since 2001, worldwide.

ezaudit can be used to audit PCs from Windows XP through Windows 10 and servers from Windows Server 2008r2 through Windows Server 2019.

ezaudit's many features and benefits include quick and easy startup: you can download, install and be ready to audit in 10 minutes or less.  You do not need to open any ports or make any changes to clients like enabling remote registry.

Additionally, you can be assured that we never get any of your audit data or usage telemetry.  ezaudit is used in air-gapped networks by high-security users that thoroughly vet all software they use.

See why ezaudit is the real and original 'PC Audit Software Made Easy', since 2001 with our free evaluation.

ezaudit instant reports

Get started in under 10 minutes with nothing to install on your server.

Licenses from USD $49.95

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Top ezaudit features include:

  •   Audit Windows XP through Windows 10, Server 2008R2 through Server 2019

  •   Audit via network inventory as well as via USB portable PC audit tool

  •   Audits take as little as 4 seconds with zero or near-zero impact.  Audit your PC now

  •   Get full details for any program type such as DLL, OCX – your choice. You can even inventory .PS1, .vbs., etc.

  •   100% data privacy – ezaudit can even be used in air-gapped networks

  •   Inventory non-program files (images, video, documents, etc.)

  •   Instant point-and-click reports throughout the Admin Console

  •   Export data to CSV, XLSX, HTML, MDB in seconds, with no databases to install nor needed: E-Z Audit handles it seamlessly with our exclusive caching system.

  •   100% data privacy – ezaudit can even be used in air-gapped networks


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 ezaudit: Low prices, easy licensing

I don't think you can beat ezaudit for prices and features!

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50-PC License $49.95 USD  |  100-PC License $99.95 USD

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