Easy PC software and hardware audit tool

Find out for yourself why E-Z Audit is the real "PC Audit software made easy" and the choice of users worldwide since 2001 for easy PC software audits and PC hardware inventory.

"E-Z Audit make software licensing compliance and network hardware management simple."

"We have used E-Z Audit for a number of years now and it is the easiest user interface that we have found. "

"Iíve been using E-Z Audit for about 10 years and itís one of my favorite tools.  I recommend it to anybody looking for this type of service."

"We love E-Z Audit and the app that we get with our help desk product just doesnít compare. Thanks for having a great product!



  • Extremely low learning curve

  • Fast and easy implementation, from download to ready-to-audit in minutes

  • No need to change firewall rules, open or reserve any ports, no need to enable remote registry or deal with SNMP

  • No network overhead.  In fact, nothing runs at your server.

  • Really smart companies use E-Z Audit - you're in good company

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