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The top PC audit program for software and hardware audits via network inventory ezaudit

Audit Windows XP through Windows 10 with 100% data privacy

Portable PC audit tool audits you can add to network audits via file copy off the USB stick.

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50-PC License $49.95 USD, 100-PC License $99.95 USD

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ezaudit software

The real PC audit software made easy

ezaudit is the fast and easy choice for performing comprehensive IT audits of your computer hardware and software. Used worldwide since 2001.

You can download, install and configure ezaudit in 10 minutes or less, with nothing to install on your server or any PC being audited.

ezaudit has an extremely low learning-curve.  Everything is point and click easy.

Enjoy 100% data privacy with ezaudit.  No audit data leaves your network, and no telemetry is sent by ezaudit.

What sets us apart

ezaudit offers unique features that set us apart from other computer auditing tools. You can set audits to run on a schedule or you can initiate an inventory from your desktop at any time, On-Demand.

ezaudit goes much further than other software audit programs. We give you full details on .exe files as well as your choice of other program files such as .dll and .sys files.  You can even inventory PowerShell, VBScript or batch files.  That's a truly comprehensive software inventory that no one else can touch.

With ezaudit you can enforce document policy.  We can audit any non-program file type you choose so you can find users that are downloading prohibited files, or files that should not be saved locally on the user's hard drive.

Up your IT support game using ezaudit

Imagine being able to get an audit of a user's laptop half-way across the world in minutes and they don't need to install a thing.  And it's not done via remote connection to their PC.  You can do that with ezaudit Remote Audit - the only true remote audit product, whatever one competing product says by using that term.  We are the real and original Remote Audit tool.

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That's just part of the reason why millions of PC audits have been run worldwide using ezaudit since 2001. With an outstanding customer satisfaction record.

We are the original PC Audit Software Made Easy.  And remain as just that.

Try ezaudit free and find out why we have such satisfied customers.