E-Z Audit - PC audit software made easy
PC Audit software made easy
Used worldwide 24/7/365 by 16,000+ customers
Audit via network inventory and more
Total data privacy
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Better, faster, easier PC Audits with the leading PC audit software tool - E-Z Audit

PC audit tool for software and hardware network inventory

Inventory all software, documents, or any non-program files you choose
No cloud, no audit data comes to us or anyone else, no usage telemetry
Complete audit data privacy. ezaudit is GDPR compliant.

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audit is an easy to use, fast to deploy PC Audit tool to perform software and hardware audits of your PCs and servers via network inventory, portable audit tool via USB and audits and more.

ezaudit has 17 years experience in the software and hardware inventory field and is used worldwide by enterprise, SME, government, military and academic users.

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Audit Windows XP through Windows 10, Server 2003 through Server 2016.

Inventory via network audit on a schedule as well as audit On-Demand from your PC.

ezaudit can be run as a portable PC audit tool.

Audit your remote branches, on-the-road staff, and home office workers with our unique ezaudit Remote Audit tool.

ezaudit inventories all program files including non-installed portable apps, system files, even batch files and scripts - you choose what file types you want to audit.

Find which PCs are missing Windows Updates (KB) in just three clicks.

ezaudit can help you enforce document compliance policies. You can inventory non-program files of your choosing.  Find Excel or Word files, music of video files - you choose the file types that matter to you.

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Do more, get more, work less with ezaudit.

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"E-Z Audit is a superb piece of software that has proved itself invaluable. Thoroughly recommended."

"Works much better than those [discovery programs] that go out and scan the network."

"I've been using ezaudit for about 10 years and it's one of my favorite tools.
I recommend it to anybody looking for this type of service."

"ezaudit just works, that's what's so good about it. It gives you all the info you need at a touch."