PC audit software made easy

The real and original PC audit software made easy.

Easy PC audits for software and hardware inventory via network, portable USB audit, and more.

E-Z Audit is used worldwide by over 14,500 companies, government, educational and institutional users auditing millions of PCs and servers since 2001. 

"A superb piece of software that has proved itself invaluable.  Thoroughly recommended."

"Iíve been using E-Z Audit for about 10 years and itís one of my favorite tools.  I recommend it to anybody looking for this type of tool."

"E-Z Audit just works, that's what's so good about it. It gives you all the info you need at a touch."

"Works much better than those that go out and scan the network."

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These are just some reasons why E-Z Audit is the leading PC audit tool...

  • E-Z Audit takes just minutes to install and configure

  • You don't need to install it to your server

  • You don't need to reserve or open ports

  • You don't need to change firewall settings or enable Remote Registry

  • Agentless audit - nothing is installed or pushed to any PC being audited

  • No databases to install or maintain

  • No changes of any kind made to any PC being audited

  • Audit all software on a PC, not just "installed" programs.  That means portable apps copied to a PC

  • Audit from your network, a USB stick, even audit users not on your LAN or WAN with our unique E-Z Audit Remote Audit tool

  • Consolidate audits from multiple branches, offices, whatever by just dragging files into a single folder

  • One-click reports and exports throughout the program

Get more than just a PC inventory, use E-Z Audit for troubleshooting and security

See what each PC has as start-up items, if you users are sharing out folder.  Get recent important or critical Event Log entries, when they last ran Windows Update. Even see if their anti-malware products are up to date.

You can also inventory non-program files like video, music and documents.  You get to pick the extensions to inventory, so whatever is of interest to you, E-Z Audit will find it and show it to you.

"PC audit software made easy" isn't just our slogan, it really is easy!

"We have used E-Z Audit for a number of years now and it is the easiest user interface that we have found. "

"Great product, lightweight, easy to use."

 "It's easy to set up automated audits, and output is easy to read and easy to pull out and manipulate."

He's on the road with laptop headaches.
You can audit his laptop remotely, safely.
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Easy to use "out of the box"

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Light touch, easy on your network

You don't need to install it to your server, and what you install to your PC won't run the audits, so your PC isn't bogged down running audits.

There's no traffic blizzard on your LAN with agents talking back and forth or "reaching out" with SNMP protocols.

This alone makes E-Z Audit better and safer to use than so-called "discovery" audit tools.

Audit however works best for you

You can audit PCs on the schedule that you want Ė daily, weekly,  just once until you want a fresh batch, or whenever you want with our On-Demand audit tool.

You can audit any PC or server via a USB stick and even configure it if you need to repeat the audit on multiple machines.

If you have users on the road or working from home offices or small locations off your WAN, you can even audit them with our unique and E-Z Audit Remote Audit add-on.

Audits can be run totally silent, or you can alert your users even giving them an opt-out.  You can even have users answer questions of your choosing.

Point-and-Click reports throughout the program, truly easy exports and audit management

No queries, no database overhead or headaches.  E-Z Audit makes reporting and managing your audits easy.

You can even have E-Z Audit run automated exports to multiple formats from the Windows Task Scheduler with our automated export capability.

Your data is safe with E-Z Audit

We don't get your data.  There's no monetizing of your information unlike freeware options.

Your data stays on your servers.  There's nothing cloud based and nothing shared to anyone.

Audits are encrypted.  Any tampering and they just won't load.

Some of our biggest users are military, law enforcement and government users with very strict security needs.

E-Z Audit is the fastest audit program

E-Z Audit is really, really fast.  Our "Basic Audit" takes about 3-5 seconds, and a "Full Audit" that grabs every program file detail and then some takes under two minutes on a typical corporate-level PC.  And it does it with almost no impact on the machine being audited.

This totally obliterates competing programs.


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