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PC Audit Software Made Easy since 2001
16,000+ customers worldwide, millions of PC audits
Inventory PC software and hardware via LAN, USB and Remote User Audits
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E-Z Audit, PC audit software made easy

Audit PC software and hardware via network inventory and more.

View Screenshots and see why ezaudit is the original and real PC Audit software made easy.


Audit Windows XP through Window 10, Server 2003 through Server 2016.

Complete privacy. Used in air-gapped networks. We get no data about your audits.

Nothing to install on your server or any PC you audit.

Audit automatically on your schedule or audit On-Demand.

Portable PC audit tool - inventory any PC or server via USB

Download to your PC, install and be ready to audit in minutes.


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ezaudit has the fastest PC audit scan engine, period. How does about 4 seconds sound?

Audit your PC with nothing to install and see for yourself.

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Better, faster, easier PC Audits

Download, install and be ready to audit in minutes

Extremely low learning curve

A clean and intuitive user interface


Point-and-click reports throughout the program

No databases to install, configure or manage

Set-it-and-forget-it configuration

No .NET dependencies

No ports to reserve, no firewall changes

No telemetry, no cloud, no audit data leaves your server - totally private audits

Our scanner module is portable - audit any PC or server from a USB stick

Fully configurable audit options - all point-and-click easy

And you always get in-house support, even during evaluation

Do more, work less than with other PC audit programs

Find any program files, not just installed programs such as portable apps downloaded by a user to their desktop 

You can also inventory scripts and even batch files - you choose

Find non-program files to enforce document policy - video, music files, images, PDF, Office documents and more

Detect problems with antivirus status and Windows updates

Detect PCs with low disk space on their system drive

Discover unauthorized shares and users with Admin privileges.

Get a summary of important events from the Windows Event Log

Export all audits in a couple of clicks to an intranet-ready format - great for sharing with your support staff or customers.

Audit remote users and branches with our unique Remote Audit tool

More ezaudit features...



"E-Z Audit is a superb piece of software that has proved itself invaluable. Thoroughly recommended."

"Works much better than those [discovery programs] that go out and scan the network."

"I've been using ezaudit for about 10 years and it's one of my favorite tools.
I recommend it to anybody looking for this type of service."

"ezaudit just works, that's what's so good about it. It gives you all the info you need at a touch."




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