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Choose the leading PC audit software program - E-Z Audit

  • E-Z Audit has been in use worldwide since 2001 on every continent on Earth

  • Over 14,000 customers audit their PCs using E-Z Audit – that's millions of audits

  • Audit software and inventory hardware via network, portable USB audit,  even remote users not on your network

  • Safe,  private audits that are never monetized Ė we get no data from you

  • Audit not just "Installed Software", but all programs, and even include other choices like drivers, scripts and more

  • Inventory non-program files Ė Office documents, PDF, music, video, pictures and more

  • 3-step setup that takes just minutes

  • Fast audits that don't bog down your clients or servers Ė in fact, nothing to install to nor run from a server

  • Easy interface with point-and-click reports and information.  Have a look at some screenshots.

Our customers really say it best...

"E-Z Audit is the absolute best way to track your software..."

"A superb piece of software that has proved itself invaluable.  Thoroughly recommended."

"I donít think you can beat E-Z Audit for the price and features."

"Iíve been using E-Z Audit for about 10 years and itís one of my favorite tools.  I recommend it to anybody..."

Have a look at some of our customers...

E-Z Audit Features and Benefits


Our PC inventory tool offers you flexibility, ease, speed, and security at an affordable price

Audit whatever way works best for you

  • Network PC audits on a schedule or On-demand

  • Portable audit tool for standalone PCs audits via USB stick, manually or configured

  • Audit remote users not on your network with our unique E-Z Audit Remote Audit Tool

We're the real "PC audit software made easy"

Let our users tell it...

"We have used E-Z Audit for a number of years now and it is the easiest user interface that we have found. "

"Great product, lightweight, easy to use."

"Your product rocks! It's easy to set up automated audits, and output is easy to read and easy to pull out and manipulate."

Thanks, you'll agree too! Have a look at some screenshots

  • From download to ready-to-audit in minutes

  • Point and click configuration - two steps and you're done.

  • One-click reports through out the program

  • Nothing to install at your server

  • No changes to ports, firewalls or anything network protocol related

  • No agents to deploy or push to any client

Get comprehensive software and hardware inventory really fast

  • Audit a PC in as little as 3-seconds!  Audit your PC right now and see for yourself

  • Get an inventory of all software, not just those that are registered with Windows - including programs just copied to your users hard drives

  • Choose any additional program file types you may be interested in like DLL, SYS, etc.

  • Inventory non-program files like music, videos, pictures, Office documents, etc.

Safe and secure to use

  • Nothing to install on your server, no changes to your firewall, no ports to open or configure, no admin passwords or privileges required, no Remote Registry enabling needed

  • E-Z Audit does not monetize your data. In fact, none of your audit data ever comes to is.  They are safe on your your own servers.

  • Security conscious users like the FBI, UK Ministry of Defense, the US Federal Reserve Bank and the US Air Force trust E-Z Audit for their audits.

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