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Audit PC software and hardware via network, USB stick, remote user audits and more...

E-Z Audit is the leading PC audit program, used worldwide since 2001 by many of the most prestigious companies, government agencies, educational and institutional users.

Thousands of companies on every continent on Earth, from small businesses to global enterprises, rely on E-Z Audit for easy, fast, comprehensive and secure software and hardware inventory audits.


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Our customers really say it best...

"E-Z Audit is the absolute best way to track your software..."

"E-Z Audit provides detailed information which is useful when troubleshooting end-user problems."

"A superb piece of software that has proved itself invaluable.  Thoroughly recommended."

"I donít think you can beat E-Z Audit for the price and features."

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Features and Benefits


Audit whatever way works best for you

  • Network PC audits on a schedule or on-demand

  • Standalone PCs audits via USB stick, manually or configured

  • Audit remote users not on your network with our unique E-Z Audit Remote Audit tool add-on View it

Get a ton of information, really fast

  • Get an inventory of all software, not just those that are registered with Windows - including programs just copied to your users hard drives

  • Choose any additional program file types you may be interested in like DLL, SYS - your choose

  • Inventory non-program files like music, videos, pictures, Office documents, your choose

  • One-click reports through out the program  View it

  • Blazing fast audits Ė as fast as 3 seconds  Audit your PC right now and see for yourself

Easy to get start, easy to use

  • From download to ready-to-audit in minutes

  • Point-and-click configuration  View it

  • No agents to push or install at any client

  • Nothing to install on your server, no changes to your firewall, no ports to open or configure, no admin passwords or privileges required, no Remote Registry enabling needed

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